Battery Replacement Service near Chicago, IL


If you’ve found yourself stuck at home with a car that won’t start, or if you are tired of getting stranded when you least expect it, it may be time for a battery replacement service near Chicago, IL. Here at Berwyn Kia, our knowledgeable technicians are here to get you back on the road with confidence and peace of mind. Come see us today!


There are several warning signs to look out for when it comes to the life of your battery. In addition to the tell-tale warning light in your instrument gauge, a slow engine crank is a clear signal that something is not quite right under the hood. If you start smelling a rotten egg odor, be aware that it could be a sign of dangerous gas and sulfuric acid leakage.  Additionally, if you’ve had to jump start your car more than once a week in the recent past, it’s definitely time to make an appointment with us! Keep in mind that extreme temperatures, especially cold, will cause the battery to work harder every time you start the ignition, which can affect how long it will last.


As the main source of power to get the engine rolling and transporting you from Point A to Point B, the battery is an essential component under the hood. If yours has seen better days, come to Berwyn Kia for our battery replacement service near Chicago, IL. We are here six days a week with convenient service hours that make it easy to make an appointment and get back on the road. From our friendly staff to our ongoing special offers and coupons, we want to take the hassle out of vehicle maintenance. You can check out our specific operation times and make an appointment here on our site, or just give us a call at 708-797-0300.


Even if your battery seems to be running fine, we highly recommend you stop in and see us for a battery check. This quick service will allow us to estimate how long your battery has left, so you can better plan for having it replaced and hopefully avoid getting stranded. We are happy to add this test onto a routine oil change or tire rotation, so just let us know when you come in. Our goal is to see all of our customers safe and happy as they get behind the wheel.


Don’t delay, simply make Berwyn Kia your first choice when it comes to a battery replacement service near Chicago, IL. We look forward to meeting you soon!